Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Loving Memory R.I.P

In Loving Memory (R.I.P)

I work in a nursing home. Some kid's my age find older people annoying and worthless. If you think about it they can tell you some real amazing storie's. I love my job and I love the old folk's I work with. They are all like grandparent's to me. These are the one's that have passed away since I have worked there. I learned a lot from them. I want to remember for the rest of my life the thing's they told me. They are truly amazing people. So take sometime and stop by and talk to you'r grandmother or granfather. You just might enjoy it. I know I love sitting down and talking to them.

You All Touched My Life
Ruth D.
Les R.
Bernice H.
Eleanor W.
Betty D. Jill
John B.MJ (Mary Jane E.)Theresa L.Polly (Pauline T.)
Grace New you were a BIG deal in my life.
I love you Nanny Gracie

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  1. Sometimes you just can't help but get attached to them, this is a wonderful tribute!